White Ceramic Jewelry: A Glamorous Fashion Trend

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Ceramic is more commonly associated with pottery than jewelry, but this flexible material is on the rise for many jewelers, fashion houses, and artisans. From simple rings to luxurious high-end watches, the durability and attractiveness of ceramic creates an elegant statement for the wearer wholesale custom ceramic pen pencil holder. White ceramic jewelry specifically is an increasingly popular trend.

The conventional use of ceramics in jewelry is in bead-making, in which clay is shaped, glazed, and then fired to create a strong finish. These days, numerous jewelry pieces are produced entirely or mostly from ceramic alone. The benefits of ceramic over other mediums such as gold, silver, or platinum include its resiliency and light weight. The hard material doesn’t twist like softer silver and gold pieces may have a tendency to do gradually.

Watches are the most typical fashion accessory made with white ceramic these days. World-renowned fashion brands just like Chanel as well as designers like Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs have produced trend setting watches in recent years. Watch faces and ceramic bands set these pieces apart with their stark aesthetics and clean lines.

Rings are a much less popular but nonetheless attractive option in ceramic jewelry. The same attributes that give a ceramic watch its sturdiness and fashionable appeal make for top quality rings. The modern look and clean lines of ceramic attracts a minimalist design aesthetic, making it specifically suited to men’s tastes. Couples searching for alternatives to traditional wedding bands select ceramic rings because of their uniqueness and diverse design options.

The crisp, clean look of white ceramic makes for a bold statement, and as a color is mostly utilized in women’s accessories and jewelry. It appeals to a refined, design-conscious style. Its fashion-forward appeal causes it to be a unique option to traditional silver and gold. It is less formal than common metallic jewelry without plastic’s inclination to seem cheap or gauche.

Polished ceramic has a shiny, high-gloss finish which gives a contemporary appeal to casual jewelry. Ceramic is likewise resistant to dings and scratches. Colors will not fade as well as the material itself won’t tarnish. These advantages make for jewelry that needs minimal servicing to keep it looking its best.

The wide variety of white ceramic jewelry currently available means anyone can access this trend at almost any cost. The attractiveness of the jewelry comes more from the material’s intrinsic elegance rather than applied embellishments. Because of this, artful white ceramic jewelry shows its user’s complex taste and lifestyle.

The market for flooring materials has long been dominated by ceramic and laminate tile due to their extraordinary durability and/or price point. When shopping for flooring there are a few options to consider before choosing which material to put under your feet. In addition to classic ceramic tile there is now Dura-ceramic floor tile, a newer material, and one that is growing in popularity. But is it the right choice for your flooring solution?

Made from a composite limestone base that is reinforced with polymer resin, Dura-ceramic is produced by the company Congoleum as an alternative to traditional flooring options. The manufacturer claims it can be used in the same manner as ceramic tiles except as counter tops or in a shower or bath environment. Some customers say it feels warmer underfoot than ceramic. It can withstand expansion due to temperature changes and it resists cracking, which does give it an advantage over the tough but potentially brittle nature of ceramic.

Ceramic floor tile, traditionally made from heated and cooled clay and sand, is a beautiful and durable choice for any room in the house or for businesses. As a material it is smooth and non-porous so it is easy to clean, does not readily house bacteria, and does not absorb odors. It is entirely natural and very environmentally friendly, containing no toxic substances.

Stoneware and ceramics can be colored with pigments but the range of looks is limited while Dura-ceramic tiles offer a wider range of visual options. Both materials are durable, much more so than even heavy-duty linoleum, but Dura-ceramic is reportedly more likely to chip from a heavy impact. Both are easy to clean and will stay looking new if properly laid, grouted, and maintained. Neither tile type responds well to vacuum beater bars, abrasive cleaners, or solvents and should be cleaned with manufacturer recommended cleaning products.

It’s difficult to imagine anything better than a properly installed and maintained ceramic tile floor. While Dura-ceramic floor tile is a modern innovation that has more visual appeal than its earthenware predecessor, it is often the more expensive choice. Traditional ceramic is more flexible in its uses and is just as – if not more – durable than Dura-ceramic. If looks are a priority, then Dura-ceramic may be the way to go when you have a specific color in mind but dollar for dollar, true ceramic flooring is the way to go.

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