Top 10 Urban Survival Hints

Urban survival means that you’ll have to move out of the city as fast as possible from any crisis or danger. You may have to spend a lot of time away from any kind of civilization if you do truly value your life. You need to have certain items to make your urban survival a complete success for you and your family. For your benefit, listed below are the top 10 hints that you may find very useful for urban survival:

1. Carrying your survival kit or a bag which contains all your gear at all times is highly advisable. A bug out bag may not be of too much help if it is stashed away in your car or somewhere where it isn’t easily accessible.

Even if it was accessible, what benefit would it have for you in that short span of time in the city because it’s mainly designed for the wilderness? Get a bag that has all your gear that you’ll need for basic needs such as sunglasses, a water bottle, and a mask that protects you from dust, ear plugs and even a bandana, if possible.

2. You need to get to a safe place first and immediately set out a plan that will help you get away from the chaos that’s taking place. A map will be very helpful at this point because if the roads are blocked off you may have to walk.

3. There are some situations where it is still safe enough to stay at home as well be sure you assess the situation before making any plans to move out. survival food kits

4. Store food at a convenient place in case you think a crisis may happen sometime in future. There should be all kinds of preserved food to last you for several months or years, if possible.

5. You should also have a safe, clean and potable source of water.

6. You should have a safe place where you can retreat if there’s a problem staying at your own home.

7. Carry your weapons so that you can protect yourself if faced with immediate danger. If you don’t have any weapons, now is a good time to get one.

8. Hunt for rabbits or even deer if you’re living in the rural areas so you’re not dependent on your survival food stock.

9. If you are able to, start your own garden at your temporary residence. This will make you self sufficient in the long run.

10. Take your GPS or phone with you at all times, if possible.

The key to urban survival is to be prepared for any emergency. Of course, it would be too much to ask for you to be ready 100 percent of the time. That would be next to impossible. But bear in mind that it is your training and knowledge that will keep you and your family safe in any emergency.

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