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The two women continue, oblivious of all else, as they share details about the candy store they once frequented ‘back then’ whenever they were fortunate enough to have an extra penny or two. hhc cartridge They each share memories of their struggle to make the big decision… which candy to choose, from a huge variety. They have similar recollections about the proprietor, patient, yet unable to hide his irritability about their handprints left on the glass display cabinet as they move from one side to the other… and back again.

They chuckle, in sympathy for him. Finally, the women have reached a lull in their conversation, but they agree to exchange phone numbers so they can stay in touch. It’s beautiful to witness loneliness disappear as two formerly worried and weathered faces light up with joy and liveliness. And, it all happened because of those King Leo Candy tins.

King Leo Candies, packaged in their distinctive classic blue colored tin with lion logo, originated back in 1901. But, it could just as easily have been the Gummi Bears, brought out by Hans Riegel Bonn in 1922, that sent these ladies on their trip down memory lane. Or, it could have been the Chick ‘O Stick, brought out in 1932 by the Atkinson Candy Company of Lufkin, Texas.

Next generation shoppers would no doubt experience similar emotions upon seeing any one of the candies invented by Russian immigrant, Sam Altoschuler, who came to the U.S. in 1917. Years later, in 1950, he founded Annabelle’s Candy Company in San Francisco, honoring his daughter with the name. He created the Rocky Road Candy Bar, then, in 1972, purchased Golden Nugget Candy Company, making the Big Hunk and Look Candy Bars. Two other candies sold by his company were Abba Zabba and U-No.

Retro candies from way back and into the 1980’s are gaining in popularity and signify the “Good Old Days” for baby boomers and beyond. They include such classics as Nestle of Britain’s Aero-Milk Chocolate Bar. It’s filled with bubbles of air, giving it a silky smooth goodness. Then there are the Pop Rocks, introduced to the market by William A. Mitchell in 1975. They contain air pockets of C02 which is released when melted in your mouth. It creates a crackling sensation and popping noise that kids love. They’re available in several flavors, including watermelon, strawberry, and tropical fruit.

Like the two elderly ladies described above, a great deal of enjoyment can be derived from being reminded of long forgotten, pleasant recollections from our childhood. And there seems to be a distinct emotional attachment we have to the treats we enjoyed. Right or wrong, intended or not, candy is something we see as a reward, a sign that we’re loved, and an indulgence we deserve. Is it any wonder that sugar was seen as a therapeutic solution to illness many years ago?

Next time you visit your local retro candy store, allow yourself the pleasure of revisiting what probably feels like a fantasy after so many years… then share that sweet memory.

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