Keeping Eavesdroppers Away – Detecting Illegal Electronic Surveillance

Until a few decades ago, the size and sound of electronic surveillance devices made the process very difficult to keep secret. However today, the ergonomic designs and diminishing sizes have enabled anyone wanting to bug someones house or office in secret increasingly possible and cheap. However, anyone worried that their home or offices have been bugged need not worry (at least about the bugs themselves – the reason why anyone would want to bug someone is a completely different matter). Counter-surveillance technology can help detect bugs and keep eavesdroppers away. Here’s what you need to do and watch out for.

A Bug Detector

Standard bug detectors identify hidden surveillance devices by means of the radio waves they emit. An RF sweeper is a handy tool in detecting and disabling audio pickup devices. You can conduct a sweep of your home to look for detectors concealed in the wall or ceiling or other hard-to-imagine crevices. Laser detection devices can help you get hold of secret cameras fitted around your house. A laser device typically displays a red spot on the eye finder when it detects a hidden camera while the radio wave frequency increases drastically when it spots an audio pickup

Speckled spots

Owing to their small size, surveillance equipment offers a wide range of possibilities when it comes to concealing them. The most common places are within walls and ceilings. Inspect cement structures or for that matter even furniture around the house or office. Spackled spots or newly drilled and plugged holes in furniture demand a re-examination.

Unusual Items

Sometimes, cameras and audio recording devices are hidden in Bug Scanner the most unusual places and thus, they elude homeowners easily. A camera can be skillfully attached to a pen, a clock, a lamp or a watch. If you note, these are items you rarely doubt. Also, these are items commonly given as gifts. The best is to avoid accepting gifts from strangers especially when it includes electronic devices.

Strangers around the House

Home repairs and utility services compel us to call in a number of professionals. It might be a plumber, a meter reader, a courier person or a telephone repairman. Before, you let anyone in, you should ensure he is genuine and not a phony come in the guise of another. The situation gets dicey when they turn up when they are not called. If you’ve had a break in and all your valuables are intact, it is necessary to set up vigilance.

The Exteriors of Windows

When it comes to inspecting a house or office for illegal surveillance, homeowners only tend to search the interiors of living spaces often ignoring the exteriors. The advancement in surveillance technology has made it possible for cameras and audio recorders to take images and pick up voices from a considerable distance. The exterior of windows and doors make a good place for the installation of such devices. They are easy to conceal and also comparatively easier to install; no one has to break into your home.

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