How is Your “Road Map” For Your Internet Business Working?

If you are one of the smart ones out there and you have made a plan for your Internet business, how good is the plan? Are you hoping it will work or you know it will?

You need to draw a “road map” for your Internet business. Thereafter, you have to follow this map. Finding new solutions, you may have to alter, modify or change the road map altogether on the way. It’s ok, if you make new decisions and write a new map and then follow it. However don’t make this alteration too often (each week or month).

You have to follow a marketing strategy for a long time to see if it works or not. Many things will not work the first, second or third time. But when you have done it 10 times or more you will begin to see results. You need a map that shows your main goal for business and one or more sets of objectives that point towards the main goal. The main goal specifies where you want to be in 3 – 5 years.

Then a smaller goal that shows you where to be in 2 years. Then one that show you were you are going to be in a year. The smaller goals or objectives must work as smaller parts of a whole, that point or lead to the main goal.

Then you make a map with strategies you want to follow each day and each week this year. Your strategy is your work plan, the systematic approach with which you achieve your set goal and objectives.

If you do this you will have a big chance to reach your business goal. If you don’t know where you are going you might wind up someplace else.

Though, it is not enough with goals in the end.

You need a vision. Vision is more than business goals. And you need to believe you have some control to make it happen. A sailor doesn’t have control over the wind, but he has control over the sails in the boat/ship on the sea. We decide the direction, where we will go. It is not just about a list of goals (that many put away and never look at again) or about some goals written on scraps hanging around in the house. It is about your vision!

What you see? Who do you see yourself as in the next five years? Where do you see yourself?

What do you see of the business that is just kicking off? Where do you see yourself taking it?

And most importantly, how do you see how internet changed education yourself taking it to that destination?

It is also about your WHY. Your BIG WHY! Why do you want a business? Why do you really want to work one or two or three years to reach your goal? Why do you want to do that to reach your vision?

If the goals are big enough you will figure out the HOW to realize your VISION. They will always be in your head locked somewhere, everything you do and choose are because you have your vision in mind. It may be tough and you may get challenges. If your WHY is not big enough you may eventually go back to your comfort zone. You need to understand you might go through pain and problems to achieve what you want. And that it`s worth it.


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