Buying Golf Clubs, Read This Guide First

Folks, don’t get tied up into the hype of golf club manufacturers. If you are not careful, you could be throwing your hard earned money down the drain. This is your guide you need to read before buying golf clubs.

What do these manufacturers promise? They promise you that their clubs will fix your golf game, improve your swing, straighten your shots, etc, etc. Sounds great, so you go shell out major bucks for these clubs. You go to the golf course with these clubs, and guess what happens? Well, if you are one of those where your equipment was the problem, then you could see some improvement, if you have the right clubs.

What if you are one of those who has problems not related to your golf equipment? You expected the club to fix your nasty hook or whatever. But, the problem with the nasty hook could be your fault, not the golf club’s fault. What if you have been swinging incorrectly, but you never really fixed your problem. Maybe, you never knew you had a problem with your golf swing? Well, with your new golf clubs, you still may see that you are still hitting far left or right of your desired target, for example. You just spent potentially hundreds of dollars buying these golf clubs, and you still have the same problem. The reality may be that the clubs you already had were perfectly fine. You could have saved your money and sought out golf swing instructional video or something. Well, thanks to this guide, you will be better equipped with knowledge.

Am I saying that briansclub better golf clubs can’t improve your game? No, don’t get the wrong idea of this guide. Good golf clubs can improve your game, so there is nothing wrong with buying high quality golf clubs. But, one of the main points is that you need to learn to play the game of golf well, first and foremost. If you are swinging a $20 club wrong, and you put a $200 club in your hands and you are still swinging wrong, there is a good chance you will still end up with the same problems. Some golf clubs can help out, but you still should be swinging correctly, in order to really improve the shot. Or else, you may only see minimal improvement, or none at all. Learning to play well will also help you to decide what golf clubs are better for you. Perhaps the best way to start playing golf is with some used clubs or a cheap set. That way you can develop your swing and find out which clubs are best for you. Make sure you go to a professional or knowledgeable golfer who can help guide you to the right clubs. Give the clubs a swing and see if they “feel” good to you.

Before I conclude this guide to buying golf clubs, I will tell you a story that will hopefully help make a point. I have a golf buddy of mine who has been playing with a cheap $100 set of clubs, this excludes his driver and one of his woods (I think). In the main, he has a dirt cheap set of clubs. This guy is continually beating me and others on the golf course. What does this tell us? It tells us, for one thing, he knows how to swing the golf club, and knows how to play golf. It tells us the golf clubs are performing fine. And it tells us, you don’t need to spend tons of money on golf clubs to play a great game of golf. Sure, again, some clubs might help, and be better for him, but as you can see, it’s not all about the equipment. Also note that “better” does not have to be more expensive. Knowing how to swing the club and how to play the game effectively is of the utmost importance.

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