Demystifying Christian Religion And How Christian Businesses Can Get You High Quality Aluminum Fences

Religion plays a huge part in people’s life. Belief in our own mortality and a Higher Being informs out life choices from early in our infancy. Christianity is one of the major religions in the world today. Clear statistics are hard to come by because followers of the religion are always in flux. The number of Christians worldwide thus far is claimed to be over 2 billion or more. That is not to say people are fickle in any way but to say that people are taking time consider the values that they are willing to live by and which religion lives by those values.

Over the last couple of centuries, Christianity has morphed into a variety of sects. Originally, Christianity was thought to have originated in Rome and the Roman Catholic Church was believed to the founder of the religion. As time has gone on and there have been a lot of variations in Biblical texts and their interpretations, so have the various religious sects. Today, more and more churches come up with their own spin of what the Good Book says.

The values of Christianity can be summed up into two ways: love for God and love for fellow man. While that might seem like a gross oversimplification of the many texts that Christians use to guide their faith, love is the overarching theme of the scriptures.

Since there are a lot of sects, the interpretation of scripture will deviate from sect to sect. This gives rise to a variety of traits that every sect has. Some sects share similarities but in other aspects of practice, they might be worlds apart.

In a religion that emphasises the importance of love for God and fellow man, why are there so many divergent views and sects?

Well, during the Reformation of the Church, The Vatican was perceived to be a place where not all the Christian values were espoused to. In fact, at one stage, the Church was view to be so out of touch with the teachings of Christ himself that disaffected individuals had no place in the Church. They were, in fact, ex communicated by the church. The disaffected Christians would later on be known as Protestants.

Common threads in the Christian religion

There is a consensus among the many sects in Christianity that Jesus Christ is the Lord and Saviour. There also agree that Jesus Christ was born of the Virgin Mary and was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit. In essence, while their views about scripture might vary, Jesus Christ remains as the vital pillar of the religion itself.

Most sects differ in their practices. For example, Catholics believe in praying through Virgin Mary who their chief intercessor. In other words, she conveys people’s prayers to the Lord. Other sects believe in praying directly to God and so on.

Exploring the religion further and modern religion

The curse of modernity is that more and more people are gravitating away from religion. For example, many states are moving towards a more secular state than few religious states. Christianity has not escaped this trend with Christian values being constantly tested in this increasingly growing secular world. Children in particular are at a risk of doing away with religion all together because society has somehow demonized what it is to be a good and proper Christian. Parents are often told in Scripture to always teach their children the way they should go and they will never depart from it.

Most people assume that Christianity is only for the wealthy and privileged. For the most part, evangelicals have purveyed this image of prosperity with most of the high profile preachers living in high society in mansions with large stone fences in San Diego, California, Hoston or vinyl fences in Portland, Oregon and driving high priced gas guzzlers. Click on Houston fence contractor to learn more. Hard to imagine who would not find fault with such a lifestyle while those whom they claim to serve lived with a vow of poverty?

Out side church Fence

It has a lot to do with the fact that a lot of emphasis has been placed on material success as opposed to nurturing the spirit. In some churches people are castigated for not giving to the required standard. Thus, some Christians might end up feeling as though they are unworthy in some way because they might have a lot to give. Some preachers might just try drive them out their churches because of this and yet the Christ Himself was a selfless giver.

Despite being one of the major religions, most churches on Sunday remain empty. This can be attributed to either a change in value systems where people feel that being good and living in an honourable way is enough. Another thing is that some people might actually be disillusioned by the church itself because people who are supposed to live the way Christ lived are the biggest and worst sinners of them all. Rampant corruption and sex abuse scandals as reported in the media have made some people feel very disaffected by the religion. Some might end up just boycotting the whole religion because of the environment.

Some churches are not as connected to the Lord any more. No one can run away from that fact. As human beings with faults, it is not right to place judgement as the Lord Almighty is the only one in a position to so. However, some Christians tend to alienate themselves by adopting a ‘holier than thou” attitude towards other religions. They pretty much judge everyone other than themselves which goes contrary to the message contained in the good book, ‘Thou shall not judge lest they be judged accordingly”.

It is often emphasized that Christians should live the way Christ did and humble themselves. They should refrain from the trappings of modernity that causes them to stray. Temptation will always be there but it is how they respond to it that matters. It is never easy especially when one is doing business and the temptation to cut corners in one way or another comes. In a world where all innocence is stripped bare and cunning and greed are exalted, the Christian is in a precarious position in this fast paced world.

Christian home based businesses

Religion as way highlighted earlier, permeates every area of our lives. Christianity is more than just a lifestyle; it is a way of life that informs value systems. People starting out in business should espouse the values they live in their business. In this case, Christian values if they are Christians.

More and more people have ditched brick and mortar businesses for home based businesses. There are a lot of opportunities for Christians to do good work on the internet. There are some misconceptions that people have regarding working online because there is a lot of temptation to move to sites that are not good for the Christian faith. There is value in doing a good day’s job, even online. Online jobs are great avenues for one to save up for vinyl fences in Orlando Florida or stone fences in San Diego California. Extra income is great especially if one has challenges balancing the household budget on limited income.

The trick to making home based businesses to work is strict organization and adherence to deadlines. One has to put the values of Christianity of hard work in practice so that they reap the benefits that come with an extra income stream. Consistency is key to getting the benefits that come with working the job.

Sometimes, one might not be inclined to finish the jobs for day but if one is keen on making a living from home based businesses, they must do what they must. Biting the bullet and doing undesirable tasks is part of any job if one is keen on buying new things like vinyl fences in Orlando Florida or stone fences in San Diego California, click here to learn more.

Out side church Fence

In the event that one is sick and feels guilty about not working, don’t. Sure one will lose money when they don’t work but those hours can be regained after one gets better. Even as one strives to work hard, there should be time to rest and such time should be taken as a chance to reflect on one’s relationship with the Lord. Most people feel compelled to work very hard that they rarely have a chance to touch base with their creator. Take some time during the work schedule to give thanks and pray for you and your family. Balance is critical when one is looking to get ahead as they work from home.

Christianity permeates almost every facet of daily life apart from business. It is imperative if one is a Christian, that they live life according the values of what it is to be a good Christian.